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Hilliard Studio Podcast

Hilliard Studio Podcast is your source for staying connected with everything in the Hilliard Studio Method world. Stay fit and fun with us while social distancing responsibly! Hosts Liz Hilliard and Lee Kennelly created this podcast to bring out what's real in our lives, not just at HSM. Expect healthy living tips, workouts, candid conversations, and much more.

Apr 20, 2020

Long-time friends of Hilliard Studio Method Page and Jake Fehling join Lee and Liz in today's episode of the podcast. For those of you familiar with HSM, you probably know Jake and Page from being one of the most engaging couples in the city. From anchoring one of Charlotte's top news stations to leading marketing for a mortgage company to hosting their own podcast, the Fehling's are not shy people.

Today's episode lets you sit in on a conversation with Jake and Page as they talk about how they're adapting to COVID-19, how family life is during quarantine, as well as how they're staying busy, active and eating right.

Before all of that, Lee kicks off the episode with a very special announcement!