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Hilliard Studio Podcast

Hilliard Studio Method has been temporarily closed due to the effects of COVID-19. We have planned to launch a podcast for a while now, and we figured, what better time than while we are all at home? Because even if we are required to social distance from each other, we still need to be connected with each other. You can expect healthy living tips, workouts, candid conversations, and much, much more. Please subscribe to Hilliard Studio Podcast at the link in our bio and rate and review us when you get the chance. We are so grateful for your continued support.

Apr 27, 2020

If you've been to a Hilliard Studio Method class before, you know that it's not something you ease into. In fact, there is no beginner or introductory course (Liz explains why in this episode). Everyone who steps into HSM, or has streamed one of our online streaming classes, feels a decent amount of burn at some point.

If you've been on your third set of wall squats and you are wondering why you would ever do these things to yourself, today's episode is for you. Liz and Lee talk about body consciousness and allowing yourself to experience the workout in your own way.

Afterwards, Liz and Lee each share five things that they're enjoying about the current quarantine lifestyle.

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