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Hilliard Studio Podcast

Hilliard Studio Podcast is your source for staying connected with everything in the Hilliard Studio Method world. Stay fit and fun with us while social distancing responsibly! Hosts Liz Hilliard and Lee Kennelly created this podcast to bring out what's real in our lives, not just at HSM. Expect healthy living tips, workouts, candid conversations, and much more.

Dec 1, 2020

If you ever want to get free therapy, start your own podcast and do a three part series on how you got to where you are today! Thank you, Liz, for holding my (Hilliard Studio Method Director of Training Lee Kennelly) hand and helping me tell my story. I hope this podcast episode shines some light on what brings you great joy and peace, that you quit feeling stuck and feel more free, and finally, that the approval you seek is that of your own.